Výstava Paměti národa: Za Československo!

Project category ‐ Architectural design, small scale architecture and creative work in architecture

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Author Monument Office, 3dsense, Post Bellum
Location Machoňova pasáž, třída Míru 60, Pardubice
Investor Post Bellum, z. ú.
Supplier 3dsense, Extended
Date of project approval November 2021

The collective of the non-profit organization Post Bellum and creative studios Monument Office and 3dsense has created a new generation museum in the underground of Machoňova Pasáž in Pilsen. It is an audiovisual exhibition that presents pieces of our history through the personal stories of WWII survivors. The main goal was to create an environment that not only underlines the strength of the exposition but is also multi-purpose in its minimalist design, allowing for planned content changes without further intervention. The result is a space cleansed of all deposits, whose subtly industrial appearance, combined with dark furniture and lighting, illustrates the atmosphere of the exposition and the considered upcoming expositions. The significant element is the exposition itself. It is presented in five rooms with a digital guide that accompanies visitors to each exhibit, helps them navigate, and coordinates them in a way that they do not disturb each other. With the use of modern technologies such as touch screens, augmented reality and special smoke effect chambers, the Memory of Nations institute introduces a museum of the 21st century – a place where you can touch the past.

As the building is listed, there could not be any permanent changes to the construction. The basement areas were therefore cleaned, and thanks to the exposed masonry, reinforced concrete ceilings, and concrete floor, a space was created that is ready to serve the new contents of the exhibitions. The interconnected LED lighting works with the light atmosphere to illustrate the environment. The dominant feature is the technology that creates interactive exposition.

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