Lávka pro pěší Plzeň-Koterov

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Author SUDOP PRAHA a.s. / Tomáš Pechman, László Szíkora a kolektiv
Location Dílo je součástí stavby „Uzel Plzeň, 5. stavba - Lobzy - Koterov“. Mimoúrovňové bezbariérové spojení mezi ulicemi K Dráze a Na Lipce překonává silnici I/20 a dvoukolejnou železniční trať České Budějovice - Plzeň.
Investor Správa železnic, s. o., statutární město Plzeň. Spoluinvestor Magistrát města Plzně.
Supplier Přípravná dokumentace a projekt stavby: SUDOP PRAHA, a. s.
Zhotovitel stavby: Sdružení MTS + CHT – Uzel Plzeň, 5. stavba (Metrostav a. s., Chládek & Tintěra a. s.)
Podzhotovitel (ocelová konstrukce): Excon, a.s.
Date of project approval October 2021

Within the framework of the construction "Plzeň Junction, 5th construction - Lobzy - Koterov" a request was made to cancel the existing railway crossing over the line České Budějovice - Plzeň and the level crossing over the motorway feeder I/20. The out-of-level barrier-free connection between K Dráze and Na Lipce streets was designed with a new footbridge as a suspended continuous 2-span structure with a central H-shaped pylon located between the I/20 road and the double-track railway line. This construction object was co-invested by the Railway Administration, s.o. and the Municipality of Pilsen.

The supporting structure is a steel beam with a chamber cross-section. It is divided into two parts, a suspended structure with a span of 39.5 m + 38.15 m and a plan curved access ramp as a continuous eight-pole beam with a span of 8 m + 6x10 m + 8 m. A staircase was added to the footbridge at a later stage of the design preparation as a separate object placed on the cantilever of the central pylon.
The lower structure consists of two reinforced concrete abutments with parallel wings, a reinforced concrete pier at the junction of the two supporting structures, a steel pylon and steel uprights of the continuous beam.

Bridge length: 153,7 m
Length of footbridge: 202,4 m
Span NK1: 39.5 m + 38.5 m
Span NK2: 8 m + 6x10 m + 8 m
Construction height: 0.74 m
Footbridge height: 9.42 m
Free height above rail top: 7.65 m
Free height above the road: 4.8 + 0.5 m
Pylon height: 25 m
Free width on footbridge: 3.0 m
Width of the footbridge at the bridge axis: 3.89 m

Green building

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