Designový showroom ASKO, BBC Beta

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Author Diversis s.r.o. - Mgr. Iveta Císařová, Ing. arch. Lenka Demetrovičová
Location BB Centrum, budova Beta
Vyskočilova 1481/4
140 00 Praha 4
Investor Gorenje s.r.o.
Vyskočilova 1461/2a
140 00 Praha 4
Supplier Diversis s.r.o.
Wassermannova 928/20
152 00 Praha 5
Date of project approval April 2021

The compact space of ASKO showroom, an exclusive brand of premium home appliances based on Scandinavian craftsmanship and tradition, is just under 160 m2 including facilities. It is located in the administrative and residential complex BB Centrum Brumlovka on the ground floor of the Beta building. This multifunctional district has been under construction since 1996 and the Beta Building is at its centre.
The administrative form of the location and the Scandinavian design of the ASKO brand required a more technical touch to the interior when working with the space. In a smaller corner store space, defined by a series of storefronts, there was a need to provide a showroom that matched the exclusivity of the brand but was accessible and client friendly. Furthermore, comfortable offices for the company's employees and the necessary facilities.
The idea behind the entire interior design is to present ASKO products in a modern and timeless way, in the spirit of the Scandinavian values on which the brand is based: reliability, care for family and health, and respect for nature and people. The overall concept is based on the material design of the space - the quality and texture of the material in its raw state and the technical elements and details. Dark polished concrete plaster, wood, stainless steel and decorative wallpaper dominate the entire solution. The austere and technical elements such as the anthracite-coloured metal ceiling, rough polished concrete plaster, stainless steel and glass appliances are juxtaposed with the soft materials of the high-pile carpet or the subtle floral pattern on the wallpaper. The Scandinavian style is underlined by the many types of direct and ambient lighting and backlighting on the furniture, which can be combined in various ways to create a different atmosphere throughout the interior while focusing the visitor's attention on the elements presented. The entire showroom is an inspiration for the client, who sees the elements presented here in the everyday use of a kitchen, laundry area or home wine cellar, in an exclusive but informal, representative and friendly environment.

Prior to the start of the actual remodeling, the space was cleared to a shell-and-core state where construction of the new interior could begin. The reconstruction included a complete replacement of technologies such as cooling, heating, HVAC, electrical, water and sewer. The new layout required new plasterboard partitions, including doors. The ceilings in the showroom are made of metal parts in grid, in the background there are mineral ceilings in grid. The lighting concept reflects the design of the suspended ceilings, it is a combination of spotlights and indirect lighting of the displayed appliances and furniture. A high-pile carpet is laid throughout the showroom, except for the kitchen area and background areas. The rest of the space has vinyl flooring. All flooring is in tiles for easy maintenance. The finishes on the showroom walls are a dark all-over polished concrete plaster, the wallpaper is on parts of the built-in furniture, and the background is white paint and light polished concrete plaster. The built-in furniture in the showroom was made by a carpenter and designed to display ASKO appliances.

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