Saint Rita's Chapel

Project category ‐ Reconstruction

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Author Marco Maio Architects
Location Hornokrčská 3, Praha 4 – Krč
Investor Česká provincie řádu sv. Augustina, Hornokrčská 3, Praha 4 – Krč
Supplier Local supliers
Date of project approval January 2020

Saint Rita's Chapel is a reconstruction of the attic chapel in Prague's Saint Augustine School – a project that began 10 years ago as a Christian and Augustinian educational alternative school with a vocational strategy. The attic of the existing building was reserved for distinct activities: the library; art, music and computer classrooms; and the chapel, are located here. The existing roof structure, shape and natural light are enthusiastically used to create exceptional spaces or singular lighted shapes. The chapel, as in the past, was built in the east side of the attic, planned according to the sunrise light, where two side cross shaped above the altar, welcome the people from the two possible entrances of the chapel. One row of five skylights, ending on the skylight of St. Rita altar, emphasizes the direction and conclusion of whole path of the school. The limpidness and silence of the chapel provide a unique instant of introspection for the user.


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