Kanceláře Zebra Technologies - Vlněna Brno

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Author KYZLINK ARCHITECTS (Jan Kyzlink, Zbyšek Sikora, Petr Pospíšil, Lenka Pitoňáková, Yvetta Hrubá)
Location Vlněna 526/7
602 00 Brno
Investor Zebra Technologies CZ s.r.o.
Vlněna 526/7
602 00 Brno
Vlněna 526/7
602 00 Brno
Date of project approval January 2021

The dynamic and rapid development of the ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES brought the need for change. With the help of the architectural team they are now in more than 4 floors of the new office building Vlněna. The complex architectural work is based on the layering of individual levels of tropical and subtropical climates with carefully chosen themes. A guiding botanical and zoological theme permeates all architectural applications - from the first "testfits" and floor plans, through the choices of furniture, decors, surfaces, greenery, to the details of graphic navigation or the nomenclature of the departments. The marine level floor mirror the lines of the sea currents, the jungle floor evokes the atmosphere of a natural wilderness thanks to its swings and greenery, while the savannah level is dominated by the dark woods and light arid landscape tones. The whole concept is dominated by the Zebra element carefully concealed in the form of graphics, plants, textures, iconic furniture or patterns.

The company's floor combined over four floors of two different towers made higher demands on spatial quality spatial and navigation across the teams. Due to the orientation of the towers, the laoyut is even more complicated and therefore there are five differenet floor levels and themes created inside. Three terraces of different capacity are an integral part of the design, which have been furnished and equipped in the spirit of the uniqe moods. A separate element of the design is the canteen area and following "WorkCafé" dining area, which increases the capacity of the workplaces during the non-lunch hours. The total floor area of the project is more than 8800 sqm. The high standard of the office space is complemented by dozens of acoustic elements and walls, double-layer glass partitions or acoustic ceiling slats. Working with the post-covid office layout and all current trends is an integral part of the project.

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