Projektová dokumentace stavebních úprav v areálu sv. Bartoloměje

Project category ‐ Reconstruction

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Author Masák & Partner, s.r.o.
Location Brandlova ulice, Kolín
Investor Město Kolín
Karlovo náměstí 78
280 12 Kolín 1
IČO: 002 35 440
Supplier Sdružení BFK service a.s. a GEMA ART GROUP a.s.
Date of project approval September 2020

The acropolis of Cologne around the Church of St. Bartholomew includes, in addition to the close area by the wall, also the buildings of the bell tower, the Old School and the ossuary. The revitalization of this space had two main goals: to return life to the unmaintained space and make it accessible to visitors and to restore the dilapidated objects and give them meaningful content.
A quiet zone with benches, a herb garden and a vineyard was created around the area of the wall. The static fault in the ossuary was removed, the skeletal decoration was cleaned and a new exterior plastering was applied.
The Old School building was completely restored based on its original condition - wooden floors, lime plastering, restored original doors and windows. There was a complete renovation of the interior in the bell tower– the lapidary has been set up in the basement, there is a temple treasure on the first floor and a small gallery at the level of the gallery.

Traditional craftsmanship and materials were used in the restoration. Lime mortar, plank floors laid on pillows, brick floors laid in sand or lime mortar, wooden beam ceilings with plank lining and plastering on reeds. It was forbidden to use any modern materials such as assembly foam, glue, cross-head screws, etc. Everything was subjected to the most sensitive approach - electrical and heating wiring has been put in the floor embankments or in the grooves after the original installation. In general, the emphasis was on maximizing handicraft.

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