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Author Kristina Prokšová / WaY designery
Location Vysoký Újezd
Investor Studio Suzanne
Supplier STAV-ING
Date of project approval December 2021

Empty commercial space in a new development project in Vysoký Újezd.

As far as the design side is concerned, I wanted you, as women, to feel pampered and cared for in the salon. I tried so that you get it not only through the services of the salon as such, but also the interior itself breathed on you with delicacy and luxurious care. So I chose shades of pink and soft materials on the fabrics, which should give you softness and care. On the contrary, marble decorations and gold accessories show that you deserve it.

The investor's assignment was to create a luxury beauty salon here. The salon was supposed to offer cosmetics, massages, manicures and pedicures. We made several floor plan variants of how we would divide the space in order to meet all standards from a hygienic point of view. The biggest problem was that every room had to have a window. Since we had a large room available, the only window it has is a fixed eaves and a glass front door facing the street, so it was a bit of a challenge. Air-conditioning as ventilation and argument was not enough. We tried to ensure that the new windows did not disturb the design of the entire studio.
As far as materials are concerned, it was necessary to think not only about design, but also about practicality. Due to the nature of the operation, where you work with various devices, creams and oils that leave grease, you had to think about washability and sustainability. Large-format tiles 120 x 120 in marble decor are used on the floor. The walls alternate between a trowel and washable wallpaper. The furniture was designed and made to measure to fulfill both a practical and decorative function.

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