Pestré kanceláře Pipedrive

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Author Studio Perspektiv
Location Pernerova 697/35, 186 00 Praha
Investor Pipedrive Prague
Supplier B.D.I. spol. s r.o.
Date of project approval August 2020

Pipedrive is defined by openness and transparency. You can find no strict hierarchy here, and free thinking is reflected in the new workplace concept. Originality and inventiveness associated with the ingenious playfulness of structured materials and colours create a unique space where employees feel comfortable

Pipedrive is an unconventional company in several aspects. There are “tribes” or teams that are always assembled to match each specific project, which has to be taken into consideration by architects when designing individual rooms. Pipedrive wanted to imprint their visual identity into the space - a deep green to go with the specially commissioned graphics. Not only are the colours bold – apart from green and yellow, attention is captured by the distinct ash veneer. Architects were seeking a balance between provocativeness and neutrality. Ample social areas are interspersed with more intimate and mysterious corners.

The starting point for us were the banana-shaped tables, which were included in the project at the client’s request because they’d worked so well for the client in previous offices. Their organic shape was echoed by other elements, such as the wooden dropped ceilings in the corridors. These also facilitate orientation in the space, dividing it up and covering unsightly equipment on the ceiling that pre-dated architect‘s intervention. Architects worked with a combination of natural materials and bold colours that form a dynamic contrast and refer to digitality. They were seeking a balance between provocativeness and neutrality.

The Karlín offices have eight meeting rooms in total for various events. For an informal meeting you can sit on Rocket chairs by Artek, or watch a game of chess play out at your feet while sitting at a Pion table by Sancal. Not only the furnishings, but also the terminology is informal here. Platform 9¾ or the Narnia Bar were inspired by geek fantasy.

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Water management

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