Červená Žirafa

Project category ‐ Architectural design, small scale architecture and creative work in architecture

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Author Jaroslav Róna
Location Před budovou Enterprise, Pikrtova ulice, Pankrác , Praha 4.
Investor RSJ
Supplier Jaroslav Róna
Date of project approval November 2020

Between huge and slightly cold blocks of administrative buildings, which create high and tight corridor designated only for pedestrians, I searched expressive vertical shape which would stand between two main views – from Pikrtova street and pedestrian corridor (Na Pankráci street) to Enterprise building. I designed a fantastic animal – red giraffe, inspired by a real animal but with a body which has undergone marvellous transformation.
A body with a small tail which resemble cylindrical tank is carried by simplified legs. From the body raises a long neck elegantly shaped and crowned by a head resembling shower head, but it can also evocate flower or sun. To enforce its place in the competition with immense and hight volumes, the statue is 10m high and covered in red colour.
The requirements of the environment in which the statue is placed were major for the design of the statue. Therfore the statue is simple, playful, expressive and cultivate imagination and has a good vibe.

Material: Bronze, Stainless steel, Red paint
High: 10 m
Weight: 7,5 t

Green building

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Water management

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